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fic: for your entertainment

Your Entertainment
By: gc_anthem_fan
Rated M for Mature
“Do you know what you got into? Can you handle what I’m about to do? ‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you, I’m here for your entertainment”- Adam Lambert.


That was all Aaron Hotchner could think as he stared at Spencer Reid in awe. The youngest member of the BAU team was full of surprises, and tonight did not leave Hotch unsatisfied to that. Especially since most people saw Reid as ignorant in the sex area of relationships. Hotch was one of these people.

Boy, were they all wrong.

Spencer and Aaron had decided to hold off on sex, because it was important for Jack to become comfortable with Spencer becoming apart of the family. It was also important for Hotch and Reid to be completely comfortable with each other, considering the damage both persons had sustained from their time working in the BAU. But also, that was just the kind of man Hotch was. He liked to take things slow.

But now he wished he had indulged in the sexual being that was Spencer Reid, weeks ago.

Leaning against the door frame, one hand on his hip and the other slightly above his head resting on the door frame as well was Spencer Reid. His chest was bare, and adorning his bottom half were tight leather shorts, leaving nothing to the imagination. A small studded leather band was wrapped around the base of Reid’s throat, with a chain leash attached dangling down to the hand placed upon his hip. In his eyes, was pure desire. The young genius had gone all out, and Hotch knew he had the most shocked and dumbfounded look on his face.

Spencer just smirked at his older lover before sauntering over.

Hotch remained seated in his place on the bed as Reid straddled him, using the chained leash to wrap around the back of Hotch’s neck and pull him in for a kiss. A very heated kiss.

God! Spencer I never knew-“ Aaron moaned into the kiss causing a haughty laugh from Spencer.

“I bet you thought I was soft and sweet, you thought an angel swept you off your feet. But I’m about to turn up the heat, I’m here for your entertainment.”

Reid tugged on the leash again, shoving his tongue into Aaron’s mouth. Not that the older man had any objections to that, hell, to any of this really.

As they kissed, Aaron let his hands roam Spencer’s body. First exploring his chest, then scratching lightly down his back (just to give the younger man chills) before cupping his ass. And god did his ass feel nice in those leather shorts. Hotch moaned as he fondled the tight, round ass in his hand. Spencer made a whining noise, and wriggled his ass. Taking the hint, Aaron gave a slight smack to it causing Spencer to moan loudly and arch his back and chest forward up against Aaron.

Reid pulled away from the kiss and began licking and nipping at Hotch’s neck while working to remove his lover’s button down shirt. That didn’t last long, because after trouble with the first button Reid just ripped the shirt open with a husky growl; then pushed the shirt off of Hotch’s shoulders.

Aaron Hotchner thought he was going to explode right then and there.

Hotch’s hands worked their way to the front of Spencer’s shorts, and unbuttoned them. As soon as the button came undone, the shorts were ripped down and Aaron’s hand grasped Reid’s cock firmly. He only got a few strokes in before Spencer shoved him backwards on to the bed.

Grinding down against Aaron, Spencer waited until Aaron started begging before shimmying down between Hotch’s legs and pulling the man’s pants down. Licking his lips at the other man’s aching member, Reid first bent down and started licking up the shaft. As he reached the top, he took the whole member into his mouth and started swirling his tongue around the head inside his mouth. Hotch waisted no time in grabbing the chain into his hand and tugging every so often, making Reid smile as he continued to suck and bob.

Hotch had to use all his will power to not cum right then and there, but reach over to the night stand table and pull out the lube from the top drawer. Reid glanced up at the sound of the lube clicking open, and took his mouth off of Hotch’s cock with a ‘pop’ sound. Aaron tugged roughly on the leash, yanking Spencer up onto the bed with him. Spencer kicked off his shorts that had been at his ankles, and restraddled Aaron, only this time lifting his ass for the older man.

Hotch squeezed the lube on to his fingers and then reached around behind Spencer. Thank god he had had sex with a man in highschool, or else he would be completely lost as to what to do at the moment. So with the lube on his fingers, he pressed against Spencer’s opening, working his way in. Once his fingers were all the way in he started to stretch and probe around inside the younger man. Spencer began to moan, and roll his hips back against Aaron’s hand, arching his back in the process.

God, he has the sexiest sex face.

When Aaron felt Spencer was lubed up well, he removed his fingers and lubed up his own cock. What happened next though was another one of Spencer’s surprises for Aaron. Spencer grasped Aaron’s hands on to his hips, and then started to push himself down onto Aaron’s member. It was everything Hotch could do not to thrust up into Spencer, he was so tight.

Reid was now fully down on Hotch, and began to roll his hips and bounce up and down. Hotch moved to start stroking Spencer’s own cock, and keep a firm hold on the leash, giving Spencer no room to pull away. And when Hotch wanted a kiss, he yanked Reid down to his mouth, grabbing ahold of the flimsy collar and holding him there. This seemed to only make Reid harder, and cause him to moan and scream louder.

Well I guess Spencer was right in saying we needed to send Jack to Jessica’s tonight.

Hotch wasn’t going to last much longer, and he began to erratically thrust up into Reid, pounding into him mercilessly until he came, and he came hard with a rough grunt. Spencer rode Hotch through his orgasm and soon followed suit, except he was much more vocal. And when he was done he practically collapsed on top of Aaron’s chest, breathing heavily. Both men too tired, and breathless to care about the sweat and cum covering both of them at first.

A small smile came over Aaron, and he kissed the side of Reid’s face. Spencer slowly lifted himself off of Aaron, and rolled over to the other side of the bed. Hotch climbed out of bed, and headed to the bathroom, cleaning himself up. Spencer was full of surprises, but this. This was more than Hotch had ever expected from the younger man, and boy did he love it.

Upon returning back to the bedroom, Hotch noticed the collar and leash had been flung to the floor and Spencer was curled up sleepily on the bed. Crawling next to him, Aaron was surprised when Spencer turned over and curled up at his side.

“Night Aaron.”

"S'all right, you'll be fine
Baby I'm in control
Take the pain

Take the pleasure
I'm the maser of both"

Author's Notes: I heard this song for the first time tonight and was instantly inspired! I hope you enjoy
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A Little Piece of Heaven

“Hello there Aaron, may I call you Aaron?”

“No. Hotch.”

The investigator made a small ‘ah’ noise and leaned back in his chair, keeping a steady gaze on Aaron Hotchner.

“Do you know why you’re here, Mr.Hotchner?”

Aaron equally stared back at the investigator. He was the Unit Chief of his team at the BAU. He interrogated suspects all the time, and knew how to make a man crack. And this, this man, was going to question him? This was interesting indeed.

“I know, but do you understand?”

“Understand what, Mr.Hotchner?”

“I love him.”

The words echoed around the room, and the investigator leaned forward. His words were dead cold, as he asked one single question.

“Then why did you kill him?”

Hotch’s facial expression never changed, but in his eyes you could see the affection as he talked about Spencer Reid. He loved him, he really did. There was no mistaking that. He didn’t want to hurt him, but he had to keep him. He had to be sure.

“I never wanted to hurt Spencer, I did love him. But now, he can never leave me.”

“According to friends of yours, there was no intent that anyone was aware of that Spencer Reid ever planned to leave you.”

“Oh no, he never mentioned anything about it,” Hotch paused, choosing his words carefully before he spoke again. Sounding professional as always. “But I knew someday, someday he wouldn’t want to deal with it anymore. How difficult it could be to be with me. How crazy things got after Foyet. I lost Hailey twice.”

“Twice, Mr.Hotchner?”

“Divorce and then she was murdered.”
Another pause as the investigator opened the file that lay out infront of him. He flipped through a few pages and then pulled out some pictures. Crime scene photos. It was a horrific sight, with blood smeared around most of the photos. The photos contained images of Spencer Reid, completely mutilated. Stab wounds, possibly twenty, killed the young man. But that hadn’t been all. After the man had died, his heart had been cut out.

Aaron had been found caressing Spencer’s corpse in their bed. The heart placed securely on the nightstand, rotting. Apparently in the few hours before Jack had come home from school and called the police, Aaron and repeatedly rubbed the bloody heart on his face and chest. To be closer to the one he loved. When the police had broken down the bedroom door, a female police officer had thrown up.

Hotch didn’t resist arrest, just remained silent. It was as if he had been in another word. Even as he passed by Jessica who was cradling Jack close to her, he said nothing. Not even as she begged the question, “Why?” Why indeed.

“So it gave you the right to do this to him?” the investigator demanded, slamming his fist down on the table.


The answer was done in the ‘Hotch-Boss-Voice’, and he stared blankly at the photos. Earlier that week something in him broke, and something ugly and paranoid replaced Aaron Hotchner. The team noticed it, but no one fully understood how bad it was except Spencer Reid. So, Reid had sent Jack to his Aunt Jessica’s for most of the week. He had been trying to help Aaron, but he only got worse.

“Spencer, I love you.”

“Please Aaron, please you don’t really want to do this!”

Spencer was laying on their bed, naked. They had just finished having sex when Aaron became vicious and had pinned Reid by the throat on the bed. A knife had been pulled from the bedside table, and was pressed in an almost loving manner against Reid’s throat. Aaron was cooing at his young lover, professing his undying love for the young man. Spencer was crying, voice cracking and reaching high squeaky pitches in his fear.

“Don’t you see Spencer? Now you’ll be with me forever.”

“No Aaron!”

“I can’t lose you like her, I can’t Spencer.”

“You never will Aaron, please. Please put the knife down so we can get help!”

Hotchner shook his head, tears running down his face as well now. He pressed the knife harder against Spencer Reid’s throat, creating a harsh red line against the pale skin. He leaned down, and tenderly kissed Spencer’s lips, and just before Aaron ripped the knife across Reid’s throat Spencer had his last words.

“I forgive you Aaron, and love you.”

Overkill was a nice way to put how Aaron mutilated Spencer’s body. But once it was over, he held the lifeless corpse close to his body and began to whisper.

“We should have a backyard wedding Spencer…yes.”

Aaron’s head snapped up as the investigator closed the file containing the crime information.

“He’s dead, now you’ll never be with him again.”

A small smile played on Hotchner’s lips and he tilted his head slightly before glancing next to where the investigator stood.

“Spencer, what do you think about this mess?”

The investigator looked at his side, but saw nothing. That however, was not what Hotchner saw. He saw his lover, smiling in his adorable fashion. He could even hear Spencer’s voice, rattling off some information on mental diseases causing hallucinations. He turned back to the investigator, expression still blank but the look in his eyes. This wild look, shook the investigator down to the bone. There was no use arguing reality to a person, who didn’t see reality anymore.

“Your son is in custody of your sister in-law, but don’t expect to see him anytime soon. If ever.”

Aaron just continued to stare off at that same area, whatever the investigator had said not reaching him. Where ever Hotchner had disappeared to with his ‘Spencer’.

The Home was nice enough, though for the most part, Hotchner remained in his room. Alone. He talked to Spencer all day and at night supposedly had amazing sex with his lover. Most patients were kept away from him, because when questioned about who he was taking to, or if someone argued that Spencer wasn’t there; Aaron could become instantly violent.

Books were sent by Rossi from time to time upon Aaron’s request for material for Spencer Reid to read. The rest of the team though didn’t keep in contact with their old Unit Chief. Garcia and Morgan had taken the news the worst, Morgan becoming violent and trying to get into the cell Hotch had been held in to kill him. Morgan had to be forcefully removed from the court trial because of how he became upon seeing Hotchner. While being removed he kept screaming, “I trusted you with him! I trusted you not to hurt him! You bastard!”

Garcia didn’t show to anything but the funeral, and just cried. She couldn’t handle the thought that someone could ever hurt Spencer, let alone Aaron Hotchner. She soon transferred in her job, to get away from everything that reminded her of the two.

JJ was contacted, and came for the funeral. She tried to understand, she really did but after one visit to Hotch, she left crying.

So Rossi came to visit, even when Hotch refused to talk that day or only spoke to the imaginary Spencer Reid. Sometimes Prentiss came with Rossi, seeing as they were married. She usually remained silent, not able to say anything.

Jack was never allowed to come visit, especially seeing as he was still young. Sometimes he wrote, and Jessica would send a picture here and there. These sent Hotch into hysterics though, demanding to see his son.

Pictures adorned his room from back when Spencer was still alive. Rossi had brought Aaron one of Reid’s old sweater’s, and this stayed on what would be Spencer’s side of the bed for Aaron to smell and hold. The staff and psychologists tried to bring Aaron back to reality many times, even tried to get rid of anything pertaining to Spencer Reid. But Aaron had a psychotic breakdown, injuring a few nurses and even tried to commit suicide. Deciding it was in best interest of the patient to let him live his fantasy, the doctors only put him on drugs to stabilize his mood swings.

Until the day he died, Aaron Hotchner stayed in the home, living this way. When he died, that’s when everything changed.

It hurt to open his eyes, everything was so bright. But once his vision evened out, Aaron Hotchner sat up, and surveyed his surroundings. He was in a grass field, trees surrounded him, and a light breeze was in the air. He felt young, like his old self again. Everything seemed clearer, less chaotic in his brain. But he still didn’t know what was going on.


Turned around at his name, Hotch saw Spencer. The Spencer he remembered from all those years ago. The Spencer he…and the memories flooded back. Tears fell freely from Aaron, and he could’t speak.

Reid kneeled down next to his lover, and placed a hand on his shoulder, smiling that understanding smile he always used to give Aaron and Jack.

“I forgave you that night long ago Aaron.”

“How?-I never wanted-I’m so sorry Spencer!”

Hotch collapsed into Spencer’s embrace and they stayed like that for what seemed an eternity until Aaron had composed himself.

“Let me show you the home I’ve created for us.”

Spencer led Aaron through the field, and Hotch knew this was the real beginning of everything.

The End.
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Well I'm going to Angel's today between 1 and 2 which'll be super fun! And then I think tonight I'm going to a movie with Ian but not positive on that yet. But it's going to be a good day! :)
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oh boyyy

I'm kinda tired but I want to get some writing done tonight.
Kyle's been over EVERY fucking DAY. I can handle him sometimes, but he comes over to sleep on my aunt 'n' uncles furniture after being out all night partying and being drunk and god knows what else. He wakes up, eats and tells me what to do then sleeps again. I can't be myself because he'll tell me to stop, or blah. Frankly, I hope he doesn't come over tomarrow cause I'll probably just ignore him.
Tomarrow I get my retainer, so w00t. 
I just heard the sweetest damn quote ever, and I think it's true. Two opposite persons equal one soul. It makes sense, and I believe in it, because opposites attract, and I don't wanna be mushy right now.
I watched A Walk In The Clouds today, and I loved it.
My throat hurts RLYRLY badly.
But, Addy called me for a bit tonight, she went shopping? lol
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I went to the dentist today! Yes, I love my dentist..I love knowing I have no cavities, and that my teeth are being cleaned to perfection. I have a thing for pretty teeth, heheh.
I took my Math&English finals today. I did okee dokee
Tomarrow since I doubt we're doing anything in the two hours we have for my drama2 class, I'm gonna write the second chapter to my The Five Senses fic. I rly want to get my writing skills up again, and with each chapter make it the best there ever is! I'm not sure yet how I'm gonna end it though...I think I wanna end it with "SIGHT" but not sure. After "SMELL" I think maybe "HEARING" then maybe "TASTE". Ugh, it's been awhile since I've actually had to think about this, so I'm a tad nervous when it comes to planning a decent chapter fic.
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Tokio Hotel cd arrival!

My TH cd arrived today. It's pretty, had beautiful pictures, and has a button! 
Addy sent me a video that made me cry...And can't get out of my head?
Ashley is going to the HS in the morning with me. I will srsly beat the shit outta anyone who gives her shit, because she's MY babysister, I'm the only one that can make her cry.
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Xmas shopping&Finals Day 1

Well, the first day of final is OVER! -jumps for joy- I barely got to see Cody today, but oh well. Everyone gobbled up my cupcakes, though I hope they did taste good and people weren't bullshitting my 'bout them tasting yummy. Hmmm.
I went Xmas shopping today with Kyra&Chazz. Got presents for people [no comment!] and then Chazz got us Subway. It tastes uber good by the way. Oh, and I got myself a Pepsi Wild Cherry! Mmmmm. Oh, and I got that fucking song fro Mulan, "I'll Make A Man, Out of You" stuck in my head thanks to Amber. I need to sit down and watch a good Disney movie again, you're never too old for those things. Mhmm.
I've decided with my molding clay from Heather, I'm going to make ChibiForm Cloud&Reno. Heheh, I'll probably do that this weekend, seeing as I'm too lazy to do that now. Infact, I should be practicing my Monologue from Drama seeing as thats my Final for tomarrow. Buuuut, obviously, I'm not. Heheh. Oh, and I'm thinking about joining the army for two years once I'm done with High School. -sigh- Crazy, eh? I know. Fenny, joining the army? But it might be good for me, and it intrigues me. I won't be going there to play soldier and fuck around with guns; but, to learn discipline and such. I'm thinking about it, though if I tell anyone they'll probably laugh at me but fuck 'em. I was always told I was the crazy one, and I usually shock people. Well, here's another shock people. 
Hm, wonder what Cody'll say? -sigh-
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Before i say anything else:
Now, onto other subjects.
Finals start tomarrow, easiest one's shall be tomarrow though. Scoooore! Stayed after a bit at the skatepark 'cause Cody asked me to, where all Amber did the whole time was bitch and moan about random SHIT. Like, no one telling her anything and the whole Zoe&Alec thing that she knew nothing about. And I was like, "Amber, it just kinda happened? No one really knows about it..." but she continued to bitch and I was tempted to punch her in the face. Which leads me to something else.
My shrink agrees that my depression and anger are way too much for a normal person, and she's gonna set up a meeting with my mom so she can get permission to give me a psyche-evaluation. And I will most likely then be put on medication for Bi-Polarness. So yah.
I have my monologue memorized for Drama, and yah. Looks like I might have to beat Alec's face in.
Oh, and I have decided the prettiest thing I've ever seen is an open wound

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